F30pixraktur is a folk art form practiced by Pennsylvania Germans principally from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth centuries. The name derives from that of a distinctive German script marked by “fractured” pen strokes and the form has clear roots in European folk culture. Fraktur blossomed into a uniquely rich, colorful and iconographic form of expression in the United States, tied to rites of social life.

This site is meant to encourage and heighten your appreciation of this art form. In addition to essays and descriptive material, it features two research projects: an inventory of fraktur artists identified in the secondary literature and a bibliography of published resources on fraktur. I offer FrakturWeb to you with two hopes: that you will be encouraged to explore this fascinating subject yourself and that those of you with experience in the field will contribute comments and corrections.

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Please move your cursor over illustrations, such as the piece above, to see the credit. Clicking on the credit will take you to the original source.

The site is arranged into four sections, to which you can navigate via the drop down menus above, beginning with Introduction. The site features searchable indexes of over one thousand fraktur artists and about seven hundred citations to the literature of fraktur, both under Research Aids.

I hope you enjoy FrakturWeb!

Joel Clemmer
Saint Paul, Minnesota